Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go to Tax Ninja?

TLDR: Because we know where your money is hiding!

Tax Ninja specializes in the 21st century economy. Our clients are entrepreneurs and artists, freelancers, founders, gig workers, consultants, international travelers and people who live interesting lives.

We have same caliber of lawyers and accountants on our staff as big financial service firms. But we do it for you, because you’re more fun.

How does it work?

Make an appointment. We'll set up an account, walk you through all the steps that you can do without us – like uploading your documents and getting your financials in order – so that you don’t have to pay a tax preparer to do your collating. See! We’re saving you money already.

Then you’ll come in and we’ll put our elite ninja skills to use on your taxes.

How do I book an appointment?

Contact us via the contact form, call us at 415-216-5064, or email us at

Can I speak to a human?

Sure!  We love humans!  Call us at 415-216-5064.

Who are your clients?

Programmers, artists, engineers, strippers, coders, photographers, creatives, Uber drivers, yoga instructors, current and aspiring real-estate moguls, expatriates and international travelers. People who work at Google, Apple, and the founders of start-ups you’ve never heard of. Among many others.

Where are you?

We are located in Oakland at 1970 Broadway, Suite 850.  We are conveniently located near the 18th St BART station and a number of City of Oakland parking garages.

What are your hours?

During tax season, 11am-7pm Monday through Friday, 11am-5pm on Saturday.

How much does it cost?

$475 an hour with discounts available. We will soon have a system for clients to upload their documents and perform other tasks, so that you don’t have to pay us to do things you'd rather do yourself.

What can I do to get a discount?

During tax season, time is at a premium.  The sooner we have your documents, the better we can work to make sure that nothing is rushed.  We give a $50 discount to anyone who sends their documents to us more than 2 business days before their appointment!

What type of appointments do you offer?

Skype, phone, and in-person. Whatever’s convenient.

I don’t live in the Bay Area.  Can I still work with you?

Yes! We’ve actually had clients call in their appointments from ships in international waters. We can work with you wherever you are, so long as we can validate your identity.  Call us at 415-216-5064 and we’ll work out the details.

What if we get audited?

Audits happen.  However, using Tax Ninja gets you access to people who know what can trigger an audit and knows what can bite you during an audit.  That means that we do our best to prevent the audit in the first place and that we set you up to pass any audit you might have.  If you’re audited we are happy to represent you at additional cost.

How do I get my documents to you?

However you want. Our preference is for you to use our document uploader.  Alternatively, you can bring them in to our offices or fax them.

Please don’t send them via e-mail, as this is the weakest link in security around handling sensitive documents.  We also ask that you not share them via services like Google Docs or Dropbox, as these services don’t easily allow us to retain copies of certain documents as required by the IRS.

Will my personal data be secure?

YES! And great question. The IRS has minimum standards for privacy and security for all tax preparers.  We’ve dedicated significant time and money to making sure that we meet or exceed them.

We use state of the art encryption for all document submission and delivery sites.  We contract trusted (and audited) parties for our IT infrastructure.  We have strict paper document control policies.  All of our employees have passed a background check.  All of our preparation and archiving systems are encrypted at rest.  None of our digital data is stored at our branch offices.

What qualifications do you have?

All of our senior preparers are either tax attorneys or certified public accountants.  Yes, that means they have fancy letters after their names like CPA, JD, and Esq.

Does this make you my lawyer or CPA?

Not unless it’s explicitly agreed to. Just because we’re qualified lawyers and CPA’s doesn’t mean you’re retaining us in that capacity. Tax preparation is not a legal or accounting service, so we’re not acting as your lawyer or your CPA when we do your taxes.

But if you need a lawyer or a CPA? Sure, we can do that. Just ask us about it.

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